Maximize Tree Health and Safety with Trusted Austin Tree Care nearby Round Rock, TX


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Maximize tree health and safety with trusted Austin tree care services nearby Round Rock, TX. Trees are valuable assets that provide shade, beauty, and environmental benefits. To ensure their longevity and well-being, it is essential to seek professional tree care. Austin Tree Specialists is a highly acclaimed tree care company that has been serving the Central Texas area since 1975. Led by founder Pat Wentworth, who has been recognized for his contributions to arboriculture, the company is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the urban forest. With their commitment to excellent service and care, they have established a strong reputation within the Austin community as the go-to choice for all tree care needs.

Austin Tree Specialists: A Trusted Tree Care Company

Austin Tree Specialists is known for its expertise in providing high-quality tree care services. With decades of experience in the industry, their team of certified arborists and trained technicians possess the knowledge and skills to handle any tree-related issue. Whether it’s pruning, trimming, removal, planting, or disease control, they deliver exceptional results.

As a trusted tree care company, Austin Tree Specialists holds numerous accolades, including the prestigious Arborist of the Year award. This recognition reflects their commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing top-notch services to their clients.

Comprehensive Range of Tree Services

Austin Tree Specialists offers a comprehensive range of tree services to meet the diverse needs of their clients. They understand that each tree is unique and requires tailored care. Their services include:

1. Pruning and Trimming

Pruning is essential for maintaining the health and structural integrity of trees. Austin Tree Specialists utilizes advanced pruning techniques to remove dead or diseased branches, improve tree shape, and promote healthy growth. Regular pruning helps prevent potential hazards and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

2. Tree Removal and Planting Services

When a tree becomes hazardous or diseased beyond recovery, removal is sometimes the best option. Austin Tree Specialists provides safe and efficient tree removal services, ensuring minimal impact on your property. They also offer tree planting services to help you add new trees to your landscape.

3. Tree Disease and Pest Control

Tree diseases and pests can significantly impact the health of your trees. Austin Tree Specialists has the expertise to diagnose and treat various tree diseases and infestations. They use environmentally friendly methods to protect your trees and restore their vitality.

4. Expert Tree Assessments and Inspections

Austin Tree Specialists offers expert tree assessments and inspections to evaluate the health and condition of your trees. Their certified arborists thoroughly examine trees for diseases, structural issues, and potential hazards. Based on their findings, they provide valuable recommendations and guidance for proper tree care.

5. Emergency Storm Damage Repair

Severe weather conditions can cause significant damage to trees, leading to potential risks and hazards. Austin Tree Specialists is available for emergency storm damage repair, providing immediate assistance to minimize further damage and ensure the safety of your property.

Enhance Tree Health with Pruning and Trimming

Regular pruning and trimming play a crucial role in maximizing tree health. By removing dead or diseased branches, pruning promotes healthy growth and prevents the spread of diseases. It also improves air circulation and sunlight penetration, benefiting the overall health and vigor of the tree.

Austin Tree Specialists employs advanced pruning techniques, including crown thinning, crown raising, and crown reduction. These techniques help maintain the structural integrity of the tree, enhance its aesthetics, and reduce the risk of storm damage.

Austin Tree Services also offers tree trimming services to remove overgrown branches that may pose safety hazards or obstruct power lines. Their trained technicians use proper trimming techniques to ensure the health and well-being of your trees.

Tree Removal and Planting Services

At times, tree removal becomes necessary due to factors such as disease, decay, or structural instability. Austin Tree Specialists specializes in safe and efficient tree removal, minimizing the impact on your property. Their team handles every aspect of the removal process, including tree climbing, cutting, and stump grinding.

Additionally, Austin Tree Specialists provides expert tree planting services. They help you choose the right species for your landscape, considering factors such as soil conditions, sunlight exposure, and space availability. Proper tree planting ensures healthy establishment and contributes to the beauty of your outdoor space.

Tree Disease and Pest Control

Tree diseases and pests can cause significant damage if left untreated. Austin Tree Specialists offers comprehensive tree disease and pest control services to address various issues. Their certified arborists identify the cause of the problem and develop effective treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of your trees.

Using environmentally friendly methods, Austin Tree Specialists protects your trees from diseases such as oak wilt, hypoxylon canker, and root rot. They also offer pest control solutions to combat harmful insects and ensure the overall health of your trees.

Expert Tree Assessments and Inspections

Tree assessments and inspections are crucial for identifying potential risks, hazards, and diseases. Austin Tree Specialists conducts thorough assessments to evaluate the health, structural integrity, and overall condition of your trees. Their certified arborists utilize their expertise to accurately diagnose any issues and provide appropriate recommendations.

Whether it’s assessing the impact of construction on nearby trees or conducting health evaluations, Austin Tree Specialists ensures that your trees receive the best possible care and attention.

Emergency Storm Damage Repair

Severe storms can cause significant damage to trees, posing risks to both people and property. Austin Tree Specialists offers emergency storm damage repair services to address immediate concerns and prevent further damage. Their team of experts promptly responds to emergencies, providing skilled assistance to stabilize damaged trees and restore safety to your surroundings.

Importance of Tree Preservation

Preserving trees is essential for maintaining the beauty and environmental benefits they provide. Austin Tree Specialists emphasizes the importance of tree preservation and offers services to ensure the long-term health and well-being of your trees.

Austin Tree Care includes fertilization, deep root feeding, and mulching to enhance tree health. These practices provide essential nutrients, improve soil quality, and promote tree growth. With their expertise, Austin Tree Specialists helps you create a nurturing environment for your trees and preserve their beauty for years to come.


When it comes to tree care services, trust the experts at Austin Tree Specialists. With their comprehensive range of services, experienced team, and commitment to excellence, they are the trusted choice for all your tree care needs. Contact Austin Tree Specialists today at (512) 291-8844 or visit their website to schedule a consultation and maximize the health and safety of your trees.

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