Emergency Tree Services

In the even of an emergency situation pertaining to your tree’s Austin Tree Specialists experience arborists are here to help you when you are in need. We provide 24/7 hour emergency tree services as we know how hazardous storm-damaged trees can be. We provide this service to help with these storm-damaged trees that have failed and results in damage to your home property.

Why Choose us for your Emergency Tree Services?

We are frequently asked to diagnosis tree problems – insects or disease – but the real answer people want is the prognosis – will the tree live. Many tree “diseases” are not treatable in that it involves decaying tissue with no active vascular circulation. Most decayed areas in trees should be left alone. Trees have developed their own methods of dealing with such problems over the last 275 million years. MOREOVER, they do it better than we can. Intervention in many decay situations usually only makes it worse. What is needed is to ascertain the degree of decay and whether or not the tree is structurally sound enough to continue to safely stand in the environment.

Some diseases like oak wilt are “treatable.” Properly applied chemical fungicides in the early stages of the disease can suppress it – but not cure it. (See Oak Wilt section on this site.)

Most insect problems in trees are not problems at all. Reoccurring annual or cyclical infestations of caterpillars in oak trees don’t need to be treated. Some insects are indicators of stress in trees. Solve the stress problem and the insect problem may resolve itself.

Intervention in these problems often isn’t necessary. Let us diagnose the problems and lay out treatment recommendations and options for you trees.

Aside from emergency tree services, we also have:

The one thing we see most often in the Austin and surrounding area is the over pruning of trees

At Austin Tree Specialists, our arborists and climbers are trained to remove only what is necessary when a tree is pruned and no more.

Austin Tree Specialists installs cables and bracing in trees every week. Sometimes we install more cables and bracing than all of the other tree companies combined.



My experience with this company was great. Pat arrived at the appointment on time and answered the questions I had about a tree on a property I recently purchased. Then, we walked around and he gave information on other trees and plants on the property. He is extremely knowledgeable and I appreciate the time he took to answer all my questions and concerns.

Amber T.

I had two 27 year old trees and each had a different problem for which I needed advice. I asked Austin Tree Specialists to give me advice. Pat came out to my house, examined the tree issues, and gave me sound advice. The problems and solutions that I could not easily determine seemed to come easy to him. His rate was very, very reasonable and the advice was well worth his fee.

John A.